The T-Wedge was designed specifically for sloping fascia boards. Made out of extruded aluminum the T-Wedge lifts the gutter to create a even, flush mount. Keeping the gutter flush creates a properly working system, adds life to your gutters and reduces pull-aways and sagging.
Truss Shur Flow
Stop worrying about clogged gutters that can damage your foundation and landscaping. With Truss Shur Gutter Protection you can have peace of mind that your largest investment is safe from water damage. Call and ask us about Truss Shur Flow today!
The First and only Flashing Designed specifically for Gutter
For the first time ever Truss Gutter Products has solved the issue of pulling Drip edge/Flashing with our newest product Gutter Flash. Stop pulling Drip edge and guarantee your customer a water tight seal. Call or email us today to learn more about Gutter Flash.

What our customers are saying

Chris Pearson

Leaf Off Gutter Protection has offered me piece of mind ever since I had it installed.

Hunter Evenson

I dealt with sagging gutters for years until I learned about the T-Wedge. Now my gutters sit flush and look great from the street! I wish I had known about the T-Wedge sooner!

Shelly Turner

Me and my husband dealt with fascia rot for many years due to our gutters not being properly flashed. We decided to try out Gutter Flash and it has solved all of our problems. Thank you Gutter Flash!